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The Exchange: In White America (2021) - C Bird Productions

I was co-producer, writer, and lead editor on this award-winning documentary. The story showcases an exchange of theatre students from different decades who discover what it's like to be Black in White America.   


Connection is the Solution (2022) - Ignite Change/Unite WI

I was writer and editor on this mini-documentary, which focuses on supporting Milwaukee families in need. The media campaign connected communities to health care workers.  


Dear Rita (2001) - Milwaukee PBS/New Moon Productions

I was producer, director of photography, writer, and editor for this PBS documentary, which explores gun violence through a Milwaukee family who lost an 11-year-old girl in a drive-by shooting.

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The Man Out Front  (2019) - 10thirtysix/Milwaukee PBS

I was producer, writer, and editor for this story about Mike Leckrone,

“the man out front” of the University of Wisconsin Marching Band.  This historic farewell showcases Mike’s creative approach and how he has inspired musicians, traditions and student morale. 


Worth Fighting For (1999) - The Duncan Group/PBS

I was co-producer, editor, and shared an EMMY for videography on this PBS documentary, which focuses on people working to protect the Great Lakes and is narrated by James Taylor.

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Shadowing the White Deer (2016) - Nature's Press

I was producer, writer, and editor of this documentary about a unique population of albino deer & seasoned wildlife photographer, Jeff Richter, who takes viewers into the north woods in search of an albino fawn.

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